ACHESS - Addiction Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System. This can also be used to refer to the mobile app available to patients.

ACHESS Dashboard - The component of ACHESS; accessible through the internet; by which an agency population, content, and data is accessible, maintainable, and retrievable.

Agency - Any kind of organization which has an individualized login to ACHESS, both through the dashboard and on the app.

Agency Admin - The user role for the individual or individuals with the most access to the dashboard. The Agency Admin is responsible for adding users, maintaining groups, curating content, and developing surveys. The Agency Admin user role can be combined with that of the Counselor role.

Agency ID - The unique identifier by which each user is linked to a specific agency.

Alerts - Messages sent from the Agency Dashboard to all those using the app. 

Appointments - A system by which a Counselor can create an appointment with a Patient and Patients can track their own appointments.

BAM - Brief Addiction Monitor. Developed by Dr. James R. McKay, this was the model from which the Weekly Survey questions were developed and the term is used synonymously with ‘Weekly Survey.’

Beacon - The button at the lower edge of the screen of the app. It operates as an emergency button to enable a patient the means to prevent relapse with several tools for that specific purpose.

CHESS - Center for Health Enhancement System Studies, out of the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Clinician Dashboard - The component of ACHESS that enables counselors to communicate with and monitor the patients assigned to them.

Counselor - The user role for those individuals directly responsible for monitoring the progress of an agency’s patients. Counselors have access to the Clinician Dashboard, the Messages tab, and the Reports tab. In addition, Counselors can have Patients assigned to them so as to monitor those Patients.

Custom Survey - A survey created by an agency to gather specific data from patients.

Daily Survey - The one-question survey taken by patients each day.

Discussion Group - A type of group created to enable patients to have specific conversations based on topic.

Entered Data - Data that is recorded via the counselor who then enters it on the Clinician Dashboard.

High-Risk Locations - A location, denoted by the patient, which represents a potential of risky behavior. When a patient enters a radius of 100 yards of this location, both the patient and counselor are alerted.

Meetings - A tool utilized to locate support meetings that are registered with Google My Business for those patients who are traveling.

Notification - (1) An alert on a patient’s mobile device, specifically generated from some component of ACHESS (a message from a patient or counselor, for example, or a required survey; (2) An email generated through patient activity for that patient’s counselor (decrease in BAM survey score, for example, or indication of relapse).

Patient - The user role for those who are only able to access the ACHESS app through their mobile devices.

Red Pin - An indication of a potentially high-risk situation delivered via Weekly Survey results, ACHESS app components, or from Entered Data.

Team - A type of group created to enable patients to view one another’s profiles and get to know others within the agency.

Weekly Survey - (See BAM) The twelve-question survey taken by patients each week. The data from the Weekly Survey is used for a variety of purposes.