• ACHESS mobile application user interface refresh

    We have enlarged typography on within certain sections of ACHESS
    Provided quicker navigation to areas with less touchpoint obstacles

  • BEACON Button press

    To prevent accidental BEACON Button presses, the client now presses down for a short period of time to activate the screen and alerts

  • Realtime Messaging

    We have improved realtime conversations both in the ACHESS mobile application as well as the ACHESS Dashboard

  • ACHESS Dashboard

    The ACHESS Dashboard received a large overhaul in this release
    Timed loading on execution of saving users, survey reminders, and all messaging
    Redesigned Caregiver Dashboard to ensure more time spent on the Patient Profile page and less time navigating to assign things such as Medications
    Individual and Discussion Group Messaging has arrived on the Dashboard
    Realtime Messaging in the Caregiver Dashboard
    Timestamped Notes
    Rewritten Red Pin system to allow sorting of Red Pins on the Home page of the Caregiver Dashboard
    Modals are now prevalent on many of the Dashboard Pages to prevent having to navigate to multiple pages as well as loading times.
    New content types for uploading (PDFs & Images)

  • Targeting

    Individual and Team targeting of Content and Surveys